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Free download Practice Tests for the TOEIC Test

Free download Practice Tests for the TOEIC Test

Posted on August 24, 2016

Practice tests for the TOEIC test.

Key features
– Available in two volumes, these complete practice tests offer systematic preparation for the TOEIC test, one of the world’s leading Business English exams.
– The presentation of the tests closely replicates the actual tests, providing full training as well as invaluable familiarization with the exam format.
– The introduction includes a detailed description of all parts of the test, along with strategies for effective preparation.
– Detachable answer sheets are included so that students can practise writing their answers under realistic conditions.
– The With Answers edition contains an extended key, giving full explanations of why answers are right or wrong, as well as a tapescript for the listening material.
– A conversion chart is included so that scores can be easily related to an approximate exam score.
– The With Answers edition is available as a self-study pack with CDs for the listening component.
– The Without Answers edition is ideal for classroom use, and is accompanied by either cassettes or CDs.



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Part 2/5:
Part 3/5:
Part 4/5:
Part 5/5:

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