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How to master skills for the TOEFL ibt writing-basic

How to master skills for the TOEFL ibt writing-basic

Posted on October 13, 2016

Special Features:
Intensive practice of the main question types for the Integrated and Independent Tasks
Passages and questions that closely simulate the ones that have occurred on the Toefl iBT
Step-by-step, writing practice to tackle the Integrated and and Independent Tasks.

A list of essay topics reconstructed from the ones that have so far been asked on the Toefl iBT
Two complete tests that familiarize students with the actual test format
Full answer key.
How to Use This Book
Part 1: Integrated Writing
Unit 1: Anthropology
Unit 2: Biology I
Unit 3: Environment I
Unit 4: health
Unit 5: History
Unit 6: Archaeology
Unit 7: Astronomy
Unit 8: Business
Unit 9: Biology II
Unit 10: Environment II
Part 2: Independent Writing
Unit 11: School & Education I
Unit 12: Living & Thinking I
Unit 13: Family & Society
Unit 14: Business & Econnomy
Unit 15: Culture & Leisure I
Unit 16: Environment & Technology
Unit 17: School & Education II
Unit 18: Living & Thinking II
Unit 19: Culture & Leisure II
Unit 20: School & Education III
Essential Essay Topics
Actual Tests
Answer Book.


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