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Just Vocabulary Podcast – Audio Lessons to Improve Your English Vocabulary

Just Vocabulary Podcast – Audio Lessons to Improve Your English Vocabulary

Posted on October 19, 2016

These audio lessons aren’t just for people learning English! With words like quixotic, immure, abstemious and surreptitious, these lessons are incredibly useful for native English speakers preparing for SATs, GREs, college level English courses or just interested in expanding their vocabulary.

About Just Vocabulary
Coming to you from Cape Town, South Africa! Just Vocabulary is an online audio-show/podcast, that introduces 2 words per show. It’s aimed at ESL (English as second language) students. It’s free, it’s short, it’s portable and it’s on demand. No matter where you are, you can improve your English on the go! Educate yourself and subscribe for free!
The Host
Jan Folmer (1979) is the host of the Just Vocabulary podcast. He lived most of his life in The Netherlands and he moved to Cape Town in South Africa end 2004. English is his second language, which is why he understands the need to improve your vocabulary beyond your basic high school vocabulary.
Show Format
The duration of each episode is about 5 minutes. During each episode, we introduce 2 English words. First, we give 3 to 5 example sentences, followed by the explanation of the meaning of the word. Synonyms and Antonyms are given for most of the words, and if it useful we give you the history of the word. At the end of the show we always review 1 word from previous episodes.
Most of the words are from the GRE word list which makes Just Vocabulary ideal for study purposes.


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