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Free download Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Test (2nd Edition)

Free download Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Test (2nd Edition)

Posted on August 6, 2016

The Preparation Course for the TOEFL®Test: iBT, Second Edition, by Deborah Phillips, gives students all the tools they need to succeed on the new TOEFL® integrated-skills test. Providing both a comprehensive language skills course and a wealth of practice for all sections of the test, the Preparation Course for the TOEFL® Test: iBT, Second Edition, is appropriate for courses in TOEFL test preparation or as a supplement to more general ESL courses.
The CD-ROM features:
Completely different material from that in the Student Book
Practice sections for all parts of the test, including speaking
Eight mini-tests and two complete tests
Pop-up explanations for all items on the CD-ROM
Easy-to-use scoring and record keeping to monitor progress
New “Send” feature allows electronic submission of reading/listening results and writing and speaking responses
This is the CD-ROM to the second edition of the Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Test. The installation files are included. No password or disk is required to use the program.
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