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Free download LANGMaster – TOEFL Preparation Course (2 CDs)

Free download LANGMaster – TOEFL Preparation Course (2 CDs)

Posted on July 27, 2016

The LANGMaster TOEFL consists of two CD-ROMs – The Heinemann ELT TOEFL Preparation Course and T he Heinemann ELT TOEFL Practice Tests. Each title is based on best-selling TOEFL material published by the UK-based publishing house Macmillan Heinemann ELT.
They are suitable for both in-class and self-study.
The course of preparation for examination (CD1) – Intelligent Personal Planner (personal planner) composes training schedule on the basis of the standard of knowledge of the language – each of 68 lessons contains theoretical material and practical exercises – disk contains diagnostic test, two complete tests TOEFL and short intermediate tests.
Practical tests (CD2) – are proposed five complete versions of tests with strategies of their fulfillment – after the fulfillment of test it is possible to learn results, to look errors and to obtain correct answers with the commentaries – disk gives the possibility to work with the tests in the same conditions as at the real examination, including time constraint.

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