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Free download Handbook for the TOEFL Junior Standard Test

Free download Handbook for the TOEFL Junior Standard Test

Posted on September 1, 2016

The TOEFL Junior Standard test is an objective and reliable measure of your English communication skills.
While the ETS university-level TOEFL test continues to set the standard for the measurement of English-language proficiency worldwide, the TOEFL Junior Standard test measures the degree to which students in middle school and lower levels of high school have attained proficiency in the academic and social English-language skills representative of English-medium instructional environments.
Usually these students are ages 11-15. However, the test may be appropriate for other students. The appropriateness is based on the English-language proficiency of the students. It is an English-language proficiency test that is not based on or limited to any specific curriculum. The TOEFL Junior Standard test may not be appropriate for students who have not yet attained a basic level of proficiency.

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