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Free download General Course for the iBT TOEFL Speaking

Free download General Course for the iBT TOEFL Speaking

Posted on September 3, 2016

Identify the principles of the new iBT TOEFL pattern made so that students can easily access the ” iBT General Course for the TOEFL” Speaking part series.
Independent Speaking preparation for 15 seconds, and practice “stand-alone saying” type speak for 45 seconds, in part, Intergrated Speaking 1 & 2 part of the preparation for 20 seconds after hearing a talk or lecture for 60-90 seconds with integrated speaking speak for 60 seconds, type, Intergrated Speaking 3 & 4 section after reading their conversations and lectures for 60-90 seconds 45 seconds to prepare for 30 seconds, say 60 seconds, and practice integrated speech type. In addition to the basic pattern of each gwabyeol Speaking The sample comprised part to advance learning Sample, Independent (stand-alone) to 40 and Intergrated (integrated) 26, placed arrange Unit part you learn a total of 68 various types of problems.

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