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Essential words for the TOEFL – 5th Edition

Essential words for the TOEFL – 5th Edition

Posted on July 27, 2016

Essential Words for the TOEFL answers these questions and provides you with a proven plan for improving your English vocabulary while also preparing you for the TOEFL.
The words and practice questions that appear throughout this book will help you to maximize your understanding of words that will likely appear in every section of the TOEFL. Important information about how to maximize your score on the TOEFL is given in addition to vocabulary building hints and exercises. By following the program and mastering the words in this book. you will be
ready to eam a higher score on the TOEFL. The 5th edition of Essential Words for the TOEFL has an up-to-date.
revised word list with more than 100 new words. The revision of the word list makes Essential Words for the TOEFL one of the most thoroughly researched books of its kind. It is the product of extensive study of previous TOEFLs and academic materials from which the questions on the TOEFL are produced. The result of this research Is this little book of words that will lead you to success on the TOEFL.
Understanding the TOEFL Reading Section
Chapter 2 gives you a complete description of the vocabulacy questions that appear on Section 3 of the Paper-Based TOEFL and Section 1 of the TOEFL iBT. This chapter contains a detailed analysis of the kinds of words that are tested on the TOEFL. It illustrates both the paper-based and iBT formats for vocabulacy questions, and it gives you important strategies and hints to follow when taking either version of the TOEFL.
Improving Your TOEFL Vocabulary
Chapter 3 gives you a plan for studying vocabulacy. You should use the plan when studying the words in this book.
Building Your TOEFL Vocabulary
Chapter 4 helps you to build your TOEFL vocabulacy through the study of “roots, prefixes, and suffixes.” These are the parts of words that add meaning. Roots, prefixes, and suffixes appear often in the English language.
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