An intensive approach for IELTS Listening – Practice Exercise 33

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An intensive approach for IELTS Listening - Practice 33

Now, let’s learn together: An intensive approach for IELTS Listening – Practice 33.

Listen the sound of the video below carefully.
Answer the following questions using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

How many people are Cindy and Bob planning the picnic for?

(1) ______________

On which date will the picnic be held?

(2)  ______________

What is the total budget for food and drink per person?

(3) £  _____________

Which food does Bob specifically say is unsuitable?

(4) _______________

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  • Display the questions again in order that you could write down your answer (15 seconds per every question).
  • The answer will appear.
  • Display the full audio script: Each word appearing on the screen will be highlighted to help you to be easily follow the lesson. We are also grateful and special thank to well-known bodies like Cambridge, Bristish Council, IDP and many other ones that offer useful and invalueable materials in order that we could create these intriguing videos. Test your English Listening skill via this exercise.

Source: Boost Listening
Full list:
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* More information:
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