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Free download How to prepare for IELTS – Listening

Free download How to prepare for IELTS – Listening

Posted on January 22, 2017

Before the exam
• Make sure you are familiar with the instructions for the different question types so you can quickly glance at the questions and know what to do.
• Think about the type of situations you might come across living or studying in an English speaking country, such as someone asking
for directions or talks on topics of general interest.
• Listen to as wide a range of material as possible – English language television and radio, listening sites on the Internet and films and
music are all great sources.
• Do as many practice tests as you can to get used to the speed of delivery and the task types.
• Focus on the strategies and skills you need for listening (see Focusing on IELTS pp.8-37). For example:
™ ‘listening for specific information’ (p.8-12);
™ ‘guessing meaning of words’, (p.23)
™ ‘recognising signposts’ (p.26)
™ ‘understanding lectures & talks’ (p.111-113).
Practise these strategies and skills with as much listening material as you can.

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