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Free download IELTS Tips (revised & updated)

Free download IELTS Tips (revised & updated)

Posted on December 31, 2016

This is a file with a lot of practical tips about how to deal with IELTS.
These tips are the outcome of many different sources including real students’ mistakes.

Avoid translating everything.
• Get ENOUGH sleep. Never stay up late before the exam.
• Have a light meal. Some dates or honey mixed with water is highly recommended.
• Dress comfortably.
• Make sure that you already know where the exam place is.
• Understanding and observing the instructions of every question is very important in
the four sections of the test.
• The best and most important tip is (PRACTICE).
• Do not leave any question unanswered. Answer all the questions even if you are not
sure of their answers. There is no penalty for guessing. Never guess unless you are
about to run out of time. However, you need to make intelligent guesses. For
example, statements that look logical are often (Not Given). Such statements are put
there to trap candidates into believing the statement is actually mentioned and true

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