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Free download IELTS Secrets

Free download IELTS Secrets

Posted on December 24, 2016

First, read through the manual completely to get a feel for the content and
Second, read through the manual again, and take notes in the margins and
highlight those sections where you may have a particular weakness (we
strongly suggest printing the manual out on a high-quality printer).
Third, go through at least one official practice test with the manual at your
side and apply the strategies. We believe three practice tests to be the
maximum benefit, the first time with all strategies except time (take as much
time as you need), the second time with all strategies and time constraints,
and a third time without the benefit of the open manual to refer to during the
test. See the appendix for the exclusive list of practice test sources we
believe to be valuable. Quick tip- there is no greater waste of time than
studying practice tests written by anyone other than IELTS.
Finally, bring the manual with you on test day and study it before the exam

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