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Free download Horizon Language Gazette

Free download Horizon Language Gazette

Posted on September 27, 2016

Horizon Language Gazette started working about two years ago but we had to terminate our publication due to problems galore.
The spring of 1392 (March-April, 2013) has brought with it many sweeping changes one of which being the present issue.
We are going green. No paper, a capital E! The all-electronic version gives us the upper hand from many angles. First, it can circulate more easily. Second no trees are being cut down for you to read this. Third, you shouldn’t pay a dime to get your hands on the issues. It is a one-man show for the time being. There are no promises. Next issue may come next month or never! But keep your fingers crossed. The next bleep you here on your Pc, Mac, tablet or smartphone can be us! This issue has a major difference with the previous ones. It does not merely include material pertinent to IELTS test. We have covered TOEFL, GRE and GMAT in this issue as well. A little taste of everything one may wonder! There are many benefits to doing so. More people can enjoy this edition. People who aim to sit for one of these exams can find a variety of topics.
English teachers who are interested in cooperating with us will find themselves more than welcome.

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