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Free download Grammar Space 3: Workbook

Free download Grammar Space 3: Workbook

Posted on July 25, 2016

Grammar Space is a three-level grammar series designed for intermediate students. With Grammar Space, students learn essential grammar rules that will help them take their English skills to a more advanced level.

The series’ clear and concise explanations and well-designed exercises help students strengthen their understanding of grammar rules and also further improve their writing abilities.Grammar Space possesses an array of writing activities that encourage students to apply the grammar rules they have learned to complete passages in meaningful contexts. Combining essential grammar rules and useful practice exercises, with Grammar Space students will move closer to becoming proficient English users.

Sentences, Nouns, & Quantifiers
Unit 1 Parts of a Sentence 1
Unit 2 Parts of a Sentence 2
Unit 3 Quantifiers
Unit 4 Pronouns

Present Tense & Past Tense
Unit 5 Present vs. Past Simple: The Verb Be
Unit 6 Present Simple vs. Past Simple
Unit 7 Present Simple vs. Present Continuous
Unit 8 Present vs. Past Continuous

Present Perfect & Future Tense
Unit 9 Present Perfect
Unit 10 Present Perfect vs. Past Simple
Unit 11 Future
Unit 12 Information Questions

Adjectives, Adverbs, Modal Verbs, & The Passive
Unit 13 Adjectives & Adverbs
Unit 14 Modal Verbs 1
Unit 15 Modal Verbs 2
Unit 16 The Passive

Infinitives, Gerunds, & Relative Pronouns
Unit 17 Participial Adjectives
Unit 18 Infinitives
Unit 19 Gerunds
Unit 20 Relative Pronouns

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